Posted by: Megan | January 16, 2011


iPhone picture today.  I left my camera in the car on accident.  Here’s Camryn on the Riverwalk boat tour.  When we first got on the boat, she was letting us (and everyone on the boat) know that she did not want to ride.  We were doing our best to calm her down, and I knew that once it started, she would be fine.  She gets a little nervous about new things these days.  She cried for maybe two minutes while the rest of the people boarded.  The boat driver was incredibly rude and snippy.  “Is she going to cry like that the whole time?  Because no one wants to hear that, and if she’s going to do that, you need to get off the boat.”  And he was serious!  His tone of voice was just ridiculous.   We assured him that she would be fine.  Sure enough, just like I predicted, within 30 seconds of the boat ride starting, she was happy and proceeded to proclaim over and over that “mimi like boat ride!  mimi like boatride!”  Rude people make me so mad.  I laughed out loud when the boat docked and he made the announcement that “tips are appreciated.”  Yeah right, buddy!  Here’s a tip: don’t be rude.

Despite Mr. Rude Pants, we all liked the boat tour.  Especially the kids, which is who it was for anyway.


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